Auto-Gard Traffic Decks

Neogard has been the "driving" force in the vehicular traffic-bearing waterproofing market for more than 40 years.  Auto-Gard systems provide a variety of cost effective solutions and options to ensure years of worry-free service.

Auto-Gard Systems are designed to:

  • Waterproof your new or existing parking structures.
  • Reduce maintenance costs associated with unprotected concrete.
  • Prolong the life of your parking structure.
  • Avoid costly rebar deterioration.
  • Protect concrete from leakage and moisture intrusion.
  • Prevent scaling and spalling.

An unprotected concrete deck lies exposed to such destructive elements as:

  • Deterioration of reinforcing steel caused by ingress of chloride.
  • Chemicals (Battery acids, gasoline, brake fluids and de-icing products)
  • Water
  • Freeze / Thaw Conditions
  • Sulphur
  • Carbon Dioxide

How does Auto-Gard work?

  • It becomes a part of the parking structure.
  • It is liquid-applied to form a seamless protective barrier.
  • Approved aggregate embedded in the coating creates a durable skid-resistant surface.
  • Optimum tensile strength and elongation properties allow it to expand and contract with freeze / thaw conditions while bridging hairline cracks up to 1/16".
  • System is sustainable for the life of the structure.



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