Roof Maintenance

Preventive Roof Maintenance Specialists

Every time it rains you depend on your roof to keep you dry but don’t take it for granted!!!

Coatings Application & Waterproofing Co. is one of the oldest preventative roof maintenance leak repair companies in business today.

CAW practices the concept of preventive maintenance into the minds of the commercial and industrial industries.

CAW will set up annual and bi-annual inspections and "structured" preventive maintenance programs.

CAW knows that leaks occur.  We also know that timely and proper repairs are imperative to eliminate widespread damage and possible elimination or control of mold issues due to wetness.

CAW knows that the control of leaks and an annual preventive maintenance program will sustain the roofs in proper condition.

CAW can extend the service life of your roof and can eliminate costly and untimely roof replacement projects.

CAW is ready to be your preventive maintenance assistants.

Why wait any longer?


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