Single Ply Roofing Systems

Owners and architects demand a roof that works - and lasts.  So most roofing applications today are fabric reinforced. single ply systems, suitable for almost every project.

To achieve quality, durability, and weather tight integrity, BondCote took 50-plus years of coating experience and transferred this technology to industrial/commercial roofing systems.  BondCote then carefully selected and trained only well-estabilished and qualified contractors to install it.  CAW has successfully been installing BondCote Roofing Systems since 1984 and we are one of the their oldest licensed applicators.

Result?  A proven, flexible, trouble free roof that installs quickly and securely yet remains flexible for years and years.  When you consider the total cost of a roof over its life cycle, BondCote may be the most economical solution to your new or re-roofing problems.

No wonder BondCote has never had a material failure even though millions of square feet have been installed.  And flame resistant BondCote has earned approvals from Factory Mutual System, Ul, ICBO, BOCA, CABO, Dade County and Warnock Hersey.

Why choose anything else?



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