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Coatings Application & Waterproofing Co. (CAW) has been in business for over fifty-one (51) years, having been founded in January 1967, with the home office located in St. Louis, Missouri.  CAW has branch offices located in principal cities throughout the Midwest, the Southeast and Southwest states.  We are licensed and/or registered in all 50 United States and licensed & registered throughout the Caribbean such as Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Aruba, and the Bahamas.

CAW has all the usual insurance coverages; to include workers comp, general liability, vehicle, environmental, employee practices and a $10 million dollar umbrella rider.  CAW also carries the same insurance coverages in a foreign policy for our operations outside the United States, territories, or possessions.

CAW emphasizes safety & quality on a daily basis at all of our projects.  CAW employees undergo an extensive new employee safety training program as well as annual refresher training for 10 Hour OSHA Training and First Aid & CPR Training.  All CAW crews start each work week with a documented job tool box safety meeting.  All CAW projects receive an initial jobsite safety evaluation inspection upon project startup.  CAW employees also receive certified, documented training for industry related activities to include; forklift driving, scissors lift operation, suspended scaffolding training, and spider training.  These programs have resulted in an outstanding safety record by the National Council of Compensation Insurance, Inc. for 2011.

CAW also operates a drug free workplace with annual and random drug testing along with performing new employee background checks.

CAW is recognized as an ALPHA Contractor by Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ.

CAW is an active member in the following organizations: NRCA, RIC, WCRI, SPFA, ICRI, CRI, IFMA, and SWR.

CAW is a complete restoration company.  The Roofing Division is a full service company installing most types of roofing including single-ply, urethane foam, cold process, modified bitumen, built-up roofing, shingles, metal roofing and roof restoration.  CAW surveys each roof and performs nuclear moisture or infrared surveys to determine the current moisture content in the existing roofing system.  We provide complete recommendations for repair, restoration or reroofing.  We then furnish our customer's with a quote and warranty for each project.

The Waterproofing Division is a full service waterproofing company.  We perform all types of waterproofing.  This includes concrete restoration, caulking and sealants, tuckpointing, elastomeric coatings, texture coating, transparent waterproofing, pressure cleaning, terra cotta restoration, parking deck traffic coatings and other types of waterproofing.  We survey each building to determine the cause of water entry, furnish proposals and warranty for the project.

The Flooring Division installs epoxy toppings, epoxy patching, quartz flooring and urethane coatings.  Our floor coatings crews have vast experience in coating concrete floors, secondary containment areas and holding tanks.  We are well versed in reclaiming concrete slabs deteriorated by chemical and mechanical erosion.

CAW has all the equipment and experience necessary to foam insulate or re-coat storage tanks using polyurethane foam.

By choosing CAW to handle a company's roofing, waterproofing, flooring or tank insulation needs, the customer is guaranteed a  professional and experience solution backed by a guaranteed result.

Our goal is customer satisfaction. To achieve our goal, our philosophy has always been to install quality products with superior workmanship at a competitive price and we will continue our commitment to our customers.
— Achieving Our Goals, CAW

Coatings Application & Waterproofing Co.

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